The biggest cause of shared services failure?

Holding open the gap between claims made for shared services (often by those involved with selling) and the arguments of those opposed, allow us to view a dialectic field and nothing else. We quickly get caught-up in a noisy world of claim and counter-claim, where truth (or reality) are quickly lost to view. The only way to move forward is to return to the actual object, organisations and the services they provide to people.

Failure and understanding

The study of failure can be a negative act if it doesn’t generate an understanding of why an event has actually happened. Missing a thorough understanding of the ‘why’, leads to repeated failures. Why did that happen? What actually caused it? What do we have to do to avoid making the same mistake/s?

If you don’t understand this thoroughly, any problem will bounce back. Deep understanding is difficult to get at. Applying sophisticated double-loop theories of analysis (Argyris) don’t work if we don’t have an adequate view of the actual problem.

Commonly reported symptoms 

Listing the reasons for shared services failures highlight symptoms.

  • High entry or up-front costs
 (IT, legal, staff)
  • Long time to realise small savings (years … if at all)
  • High failure rates (70%? Probably more like 100%)
  • Loss of local knowledge
  • Loss of service visibility
  • Large numbers of mistakes (increasing cost over time)
  • Loss of control & accountability
  • Loss of local jobs
  • Locking-in failure and waste
  • Worker dissatisfaction & union troubles (industrialization & standardization)
  • Costs of failure pushed onto service users
  • Costs pushed into other budgets
  • Providers complaining of low returns
  • Litigation between partners
  • Savings in one budget as costs are pushed into other parts of the system

The stock response of those selling sharing (to this failure), is to criticise implementation and argue that their services would have avoided the problem. It is not in their financial interests to highlight any other point of view. Others who believe that it must be implementation failure, believe that savings arise naturally from economies of scale and standardisation. They would say ‘If you do it right, everything else follows.’ Unfortunately, the evidence has yet to emerge to support this view.


I have come to think of shared services as a crude efficiency tool applied to an effectiveness problem. We believe that we must cut costs by becoming more efficient. And subsequently we apply a poorly understood and highly-troubled solution which regularly ends in failure and often amplifies the original problem. Layering an efficiency solution onto an effectiveness problem locks in waste and increases (not decreases) costs over time.

A different way of approaching problems

Once you have come to an understanding of the causes, you are able to take action to solve the problem/s. If you are forced to choose shared services, then you need to thoroughly understand how it actually works, and not how marketing people tell you it works. An important note is to improve before you share (or you’ll lock failure, waste and inflexibility into your system). Trying to share first is an example of ‘squeezing the balloon’ in service terms.

NB: Read John Seddon on issues relating to shared services and the theory of cost reduction through scale.

An example of what’s at stake?

Somerset denies outsourcing enquiry (2009, LGC) – relates to SouthWestOne (£)

Shared services agenda is sinister, says leading Tory (2009, the Guardian)

DfT shared service reverted to manual control (2009)

Failure through Shared Services, March 9th, 2009, Tripp Babbitt’s blog

Met Police Chief in Crisis Talks on overdue, over-cost IT systems (2010, The Times) – 6 months late, £10 million over budget

A series of botched IT projects has left UK taxpayers with a bill of more than £26bn (2010, The Independent)

Southwest One criticized in latest report (2011) – savings from SouthWestOne falling short of target

$2 billion dollars to shut down shared services (2011) West Australia shared services

The flawed mantra of shared services (2011, The Guardian)

Bill for DfTs replacement shared service centre could top £750 million (2011)

Shared services a failure say SA liberals (2011, CIO) – South Australia

IBM say Queensland shared services failure is not its fault (2010)

SouthWest One overpaid suppliers £4 million in SAP glitch (2011)

Shared services: occasional outbursts of crying (2011)

SSC shortlisted for award shock (2011) – relates to the appalling service from RCUk shared services

Inconvenient truth about shared services (2011)

Public sector not convinced on shared services (2011) – news that it takes a long time for small return, at high cost

West Dumbartonshire withdraws from shared services plan (2011) – Clyde Valley

Queensland abandons IT shared services model (2010)

Fire service reorganisation was a £500m failure, say MPs (2011)

IT failure leaves bureaucrats in black hole (2011)

Baillieu freezes big computer project … shared services blows budget by $20 million (2011)

Auditors criticise RCUK as budget for shared services project balloons (2011)

FireControl shared services – should PA consulting (paid £46million) share some responsibility for what happened? (2011)

Cheshire ICT shared services 11-12 predicted savings of £1.5m turn into £2.45m overspend. 70 jobs to go (2011)

Shared services under fire from faculty (2012)

Sometimes it is only when you try to make changes, the true cost of shared services comes clear. £25,000 to make license changes (2011)

CSC and NPfIT “taxpayers will foot the bill for a further £2bn on a failed NHS IT project”(2011)

South West One shared services: “staggering losses” of £31.5m and “failure to hit modest savings targets” (2012)

Readers skeptical of shared services (2012)

Shared services under fire (2012)

South West One shared services venture is failing says Somerset council leader (2012)

Ambos threaten strike over payroll blunders (2012)

Shared services: A licence to print money (2012)

NSW Govt may scrap IT shared services units (2012)

Information Blackout at Compass Point Shared Services (2012)

70 axed staff replaced by 68 others (2012)

Queensland Health Payroll shared services may need $837m more (2012)

Shared services project to save millions less than originally estimated (2012)

Shared services savings getting harder to find (2012)

Uncertain future for NSW shared services (2012)

Personality clash to blame for Yorkshire council’s shared services split (2012)

Redundancies at IT firm as reverberations from failed £8.5bn NPfit shared services program continue (2012)

Pooling office to save money cost in Whitehall cost hundreds of millions pounds MORE, MPs find (2012)

I could have thrown myself of a high window had we not been on the ground floor (2012)

The Shared Services disaster (2012)

Shared services centre is ‘below standard’ and new tasks won’t help improve, says STFC head (2012)

Somerset Council braces for lawsuit from Southwest One shared service venture (2012)

Railnetwork ends shared services to increase accountability for financial and operational performance within each business (2012)

If Liverpool council finished the shared services contract in 2012, it would save £82m over the next four years (2012)

Queensland ICT shared services face 80 job cuts to try and stop operating losses (2012)

The Confusion of Fusion Part 1: Achieving a better definition of shared services (2012)

MP calls for government investigation of Southwest One shared services deal (2012)

WA shared services due to close in 2013 (2012)

A mega-outsourcing plan in Cornwall beset by naive fanaticism? (2012)

“No confidence” in decision and doubts over appropriateness of Cornwall council shared services (2012)

Canadian Government Shared services: The wrong solution for a bigger problems (2012)

Conwy and Denbighshire councils scrap shared services after it was found it would cost between £750,000 to £1.3m to save just £300,000 (2012)

Locality: Scaling-up not always best (2012)

What Competition means for Cornwall (2012)

“Criminal neglect”: Queensland Govt IT fices to cost up to $6 billion (2012)

Gladewater ISD withdraws from county shared services group citing quality and cost issues(2012)

IBM sats it “successfully delivered” Qld health payroll in shared services project which blew it’s budget by 20,000% and will cost taxpayers $1.3bn + (20122)

Outsourcing is broken and it is costing YOU personally money (2012)

Operation Elimination coming soon to you this fall, June 12th 2013, Reclaim UC

‘No business plan, forecast, or details on how x-amount will be saved’ (2012)

Australian shared services pay blunder “we’re talking in amounts in excess of $40,000″(2012)

Billion dollar ERP shared services project shot down by US air force (2012)

Well, now we can add New South Wales to the list of Australian states with disastrous IT shared services implementations (2012)

Is the NPfIT shared services still doing damage within the NHS – and to taxpayers? (2012)

Emma Brennan, Suffolk: Benefit payments mistakes soar, Sept 19th 2012, Ipswich Star

The Back Office: A Train crash coming to a town near you (2013)

Brighton hospital bucks trend by moving from shared services to in-house IT (2013)

2e2 a provider of IT shared services to the NHS and wider public sector goes into administration (2013)

Government dumps ERP shared services after £1.4bn spent (2013)

The cost of implementing Australia’s worst IT failure is due to rise to more than $1bn (2013)

Shared services centralisation leads to wide-scale disruption, 23rd March 2013, Star Gazette

Shared services and outsourcing: Aren’t we just moving the deck chairs around?, 27th March 2013, ACCA accounting

Mergers aren’t the answer, 27th March 2013, The Times Union

Tony Collins, Somerset County Council settles IBM shared services dispute [for £7m] – who wins?, 28th March 2013, Campaign4change

Shared services savings exaggerated and often take over 6 years, April 3rd 2013, The Ubyssey

Australian shared services program that cost $48m more than it has saved, is under scrutiny, 4th April 2013, ABC news

American town doubtful of case for savings from shared services and outsourcing, April 4th 2013, North

IBM Australia on the stand for $1bn shared services blowout, 11th April 2013, The Register

Rosie Cooper, One Connect, more like disconnect! Is One Connect Limited in chaos? Asks Rosie Cooper MP, 15th April 2014, Rosie Cooper MP

NHS SBS announce shared services payments for the whole of the UK suspended due to a fault, 16th April 2013

Andrew Hurst, Compass Point struggles to attract business in uncertain financial climate, 30th April 2013, Skegness Standard

David Boyle, Call centre menus: reach for your hatchet, 19th May 2013, The Real Blog

Victoria abandons IT shared services, 22nd May 2013, Delimiter

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Tony Collins, How to cost-justify the NPfIT disaster – forecast benefits a decade away, 7th June 2013, Campaign4Change

More than £600,000 spent after local authority shared services scheme collapses, 11th June 2013, The Northern Echo

Derek Du Preez, NHS still set to spend £600m with ‘rotten’ CSC on ‘hopeless’ NPfIT systems, 12th June 2013, Computer World UK

NHS clients of NHS Shared Business Services should be aware that SBS are currently experiencing difficulties with their IT system, 14th June 2013

Chris Cobb, Anger greets secret private Library and Archives Canada deal, 13th June 2013, Ottawa Citizen

Liz Evanstad, NHS run up £31.5m Fujitsu dispute bill, 15th June 2013, E-health insider

That wasn’t supposed to happen! Information shared services staff increase 15% under Harper, 23rd June 2013, CBC News

Helen Hunt, Merseyside hospitals threaten private firm hired to do their payroll work after litany of failings, 11th July 2013, Liverpool Daily Post

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Thomas Bridge, Legal dispute with Southwest One cost Somerset £5.9m, 17th July 2013,

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Capita Payroll error leaves 550 paid incorrectly, 6th September 2013, Payroll World

A Capita NHS payroll contract already under threat due to repeated “minor failings” could be put under further strain following fresh mistakes, 10th September 2013, Payroll World

Rajeev Syal, NHS IT described as ‘the biggest IT failure ever seen’, £10bn and rising, 18th September 2013, The Guardian

Councillor ‘lost confidence’ in system after maths blunder turns £26.5m saving to taxpayer into £2.7m bill, 18th September 2013, Slough and South Bucks Observer

Regarding EWS lab performance issues, 20th September 2013, Engineering at Illinois

Chris Evens, One of the oldest cloud storage companies is about to go out of business, 24th September 2013, Architecting.IT

Loss of local jobs to UK Shared services becomes a political issue, 24th September 2013,   The Barnet Eye

Paris Cowen, NSW IT manager confirms outsourcing agenda for ServiceFirst shared services, 25th September 2013, IT

Tony Collins, Taunton council to bring some outsourced shared services back in-house, 27th September 2013, Capaign4change

Apology as IT problems affect patients in Glasgow health board area, 2nd October 2013, BBC News

Another projected shared services savings turns into a $6.8m loss, leading to the shedding of 600 IT jobs, 2nd October 2013,

‘Cash-strapped’ Birmingham City Council paid Capita £1 billion in just six years, 3rd October 2013, The Chamberlain Files

Graeme Brown, “This shows what a hugely lucrative money-making machine this has become for Capita. And we’re all paying for it.” 3rd October 2013, Birmingham Post

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Lean is mean, 26th November 2013, Moostateu

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11 comments on “The biggest cause of shared services failure?

  1. Pingback: Cornwall Council – a model of local democracy | Campaign4Change

  2. FreeBalance (@freebalance)
    January 8, 2013

    Shared services comes from the belief that economies of scale can be achieved in government IT with little or no loss in aggregate effectiveness.

    The scale for handling peak activities from multiple organizations often requires enormous data centres with the expectation of phenomenal SLAs. Governance and coordination become unmanageable. Shared services promises the performance and reliability of Amazon or Google with the ability for organizations to determine product requirements.

    Government organizations have mandates and differ in size and domain. Shared services for complex processes like financial or human resource management assumes that all processes can be standardized. There are diminishing returns here as complex processes are imposed on smaller organizations. These types of shared services reduce efficiency and effectiveness through massive standardization.

  3. calchaspss
    January 8, 2013

    I spent a little time reflecting on your post. I think by mixing the ‘belief that shared services achieves economies … ‘ with the examples of sharing the sale of different products through a portal (amazon) and a shared information provision and retrieval system with individually loaded (google) you go too far. I accept that amazon and google work, it is at this point that the immutability of scale begins to break down.

    The nature of human systems is inherently different from retail and simple information flow networks. I include in this definition all services where a human beings tries to obtain a service from an organisation (and this includes HR, IT etc). Treating these as anything other than human systems, standardising them, dislocating them in a shared space, routing them through IT systems, has huge drawbacks. It locks in cost. Makes the service less flexible. Makes the service dislocated from the front-office. Undermines the whole. Carries inherent up-front costs (IT etc). Makes the whole system dumber. Finally, over time (even given the tier 1 savings through less of a common resource) it is the problem of tier 2 efficiency through industrialised that pushes cost back into the system through failure.

    Google and Amazon work for a reason. But the laws are not immutable and they are subject specific.

  4. FreeBalance (@freebalance)
    January 8, 2013

    Maybe I didn’t make my point clear. The people who think that Shared Services are the way to go in government believe that they can achieve:

    The same or better reliability than Amazon or Google despite
    1) A smaller infrastructure
    2) More complex software deployments (typically)
    3) Software designed initially for the private sector
    4) The need to govern software deployment, feature requests etc. with organizations

    • calchaspss
      January 8, 2013

      Ah. sorry get you now. Mind you, when you examine the definition of shared services, the number of university shared services courses uncritically discussing shared services, the huge marketing drive behind sharing, you can understand why you would think that.

      People do suffer from a confusion of fusion.

  5. Barbara Hodge
    February 20, 2013

    Interesting comment and I have to take exception to a few points made. First of all: the high failure rates (“70%? Probably more like 100%”) quoted are unheard of. I cannot track any real numbers (what was your source?) but from the near two decades SSON has spent speaking to SSO leaders and consultants to the industry, these kinds of numbers have never arisen. Now BPO may be another issue – still not to that extent, though.

    The second point I’d counter vehemently is that of “locking-in failure and waste.” As you quite rightly point out, it’s down to implementation. What you are describing sounds a bit like “old school centralization”. Shared Services has evolved and today, combining insights to data with a business partnering model, is definitely supporting strategic operations. I recently spoke with someone who leads Vodafone’s Finance operations who offered a brilliant analysis: yes, individual customers may complain that the service does not 100% suit their needs, but it’s not about being a democracy … it’s about what is best for the business (Check it out:

    If you follow this line of thought (and dare I say it, implementation), shared services are more often than not a very positive resource for any organization.

    Barbara Hodge, Editor, Shared Services & Outsourcing Network

    • calchaspss
      February 24, 2013


      The failure rates for shared services are not mine – I merely quote other people’s claims for shared services failure. The claim comes from Dominic Macdonald-Wallace (consultant selling shared services, turned lecturer).

      He writes:

      ‘What can be learned from the 60-70% of private sector shared services projects that fail to deliver on expectations?’

      He sources the evidence to – ‘HEFCE 2012, Harvard Review 2011, Oakleigh Consulting HE Shared Services Review 2010, Audit Commission 2008, and many, many, others’ [his words].

      Additionally, when you take into consideration the book ‘Dangerous Enthusiasms’ by Robin Gauld and Shaun Goldfinch, whose evidence-based study argues that 30% never see the light of day, and a further 60-70% costs stacks and never come right/

      Which doesn’t leave much does it?

      I listened to the Vodaphone podcast. What it does is tell you what they did, not what it cost, or offer up any other evidence.

    • Despairing public servant
      March 13, 2013

      “I recently spoke with someone who leads Vodafone’s Finance operations who offered a brilliant analysis: yes, individual customers may complain that the service does not 100% suit their needs, but it’s not about being a democracy … it’s about what is best for the business ”

      …and there we have it, from the horse’s mouth. This is precisely why it doesn’t work for public services, because they are not a business.

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