6 Unintended consequences of attempts to incentivise Local Authority house building

What are the unintended consequences of housing targets, local plans, building expectations and financial incentives (new homes bonus etc), to persuade, cajole and coerce (cash-strapped) local authorities to build housing in … Continue reading

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11 Viable alternatives to building on Green Belt land or Green fields

This post is about the future. And the future is a series of choices. You see we are at a crossroads in the direction we can take Britain. One vision … Continue reading

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Organisational ‘locked-in’ syndrome

You may have heard of locked-in syndrome … but have you ever heard of organisational locked-in syndrome? Organisational locked-in syndrome is a psychological condition where people within an organisation become … Continue reading

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End buy-to-let to make new housing affordable

The three main parties have all subscribed to build million of houses on green belt and green field sites. It is claimed that this will avert a national housing emergency … Continue reading

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A framework to better understand what is meant by GOOD development

I read a very interesting blog post by Shaun Spiers, CEO of the Commission for the Protect of Rural England (CPRE) in which he outlined his stance on construction. What … Continue reading

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Impact of Standardisation and economies of scale in a housing repairs provider

A few years ago I worked on an service improvement project in a national private sector company providing repairs to the social housing sector. The leaders believed that economies of scale … Continue reading

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What Everybody ought to Know About Housing waiting lists?

Take a person from the housing waiting list Listen to their reported housing problem is e.g. ‘i need a house’ Spend time listening and understanding their problem in context … ‘give … Continue reading

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Housing development surveys and large-scale house building … better questions to ask?

Over the last few months a number of survey results have been used to justify large-scale building on Green belt land and green field sites. In all cases the questions asked … Continue reading

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Are the people who call other people NIMBYs, Idiots?

Lately there has been a renewed outbreak of politicians, journalists, political commentators and professionals calling people who resist building on green belt land as NIMBYs. Being called a NIMBY is … Continue reading

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Daily updates … on plans to build housing on England’s Green Belt

Everyday, in every town and city, the green belt is being eroded by the economic and political policies of endless growth. The conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats all have … Continue reading

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